Trying to do better

I am surprised by the amount of traffic to the blog recently. Such wonderful encouragement and positive messages from readers. Thankyou, this is the power of never breaking the chain I guess. Keep writing every day, no matter how brief. As long as it is written with a simple curiosity.

I watched Spider-Man over the weekend. I identified with Spiderman most as. little boy. He seemed the hero with the most angst! Anyway my post today comes from this movie. There was a scene, which I wanted to share. (No spoilers)

Someone asks Peter Parker a question and what he answered stuck with me all week.

Dr Octavias: How you doing Pete?

Peter Parker: Trying to do better.

Spiderman No Way Home

What he said describes my whole life philosophy. I’m trying to do better! That is what this blog is all about. Just trying to do better, day after day, year after year. Never boastful, but always trying to do better. How about you? how are you doing trying to do better?

Hearty handshakes from me you

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