Learning from rain

After weeks of sun and dry weather it finally rained in the UK last night. It was in this rainstorm I learned a profound lesson which I will apply to all things from now on. The rain was welcome relief for people, animals and fauna alike. Anyway, the rain was not light last night butContinue reading “Learning from rain”

Ask for help today

Are you thinking you need help but worried that asking for help looks weak. You are right to question yourself, no one appreciates someone asking a question if you could have answered it yourself with some effort. But, I am talking about the sort of help you need, that you cant solve on your ownContinue reading “Ask for help today”

Vision needs venture

During my days on vacation, my wife Melanie and I walked round ancient english towns. It was just before starting a new role at work. I was exploring this beautiful town and still thinking about starting my new role, (so much for being mindful) I turned a corner and looked at a magical set ofContinue reading “Vision needs venture”

Writing Thank you

In the last five years I have taken to writing letters again, yes thats right real old fashioned letters. The reason why was when I found in a shoebox a bunch of letters from my grandad to our family, how wonderful to see, hold and smell a link to him so many years after heContinue reading “Writing Thank you”

Talent is overrated!

I have been meaning to share this for a while. I have been talking with my teams about their careers and direction and how talented the people are in my company. I find the word talent far too simplistic and if anything an excuse to differentiate people. Here are my 10 things you can allContinue reading “Talent is overrated!”

Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

As an executive and in the pandemic where zoom calls are more common place, I am on more calls now Not all calls are as prepared as they can be. The phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” is spot on. We can get a huge advantage if we startContinue reading “Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”

If Content Is King Then Story Is The Emperor

In thinking about this blog and writing more everyday, I thought I would share my experience so far this year. The personal interactions and written accounts that resonated most with folks all mentioned or contained an element of a story. What stories you may ask. The best stories seemed to have been personal experiences orContinue reading “If Content Is King Then Story Is The Emperor”

UK Hotter then the Caribbean

Every year there is a day or two where the UK Media organisations get to claim that the UK will be hotter than the Caribbean. The UK Media heatwave silly season always makes me smile when I read the claims. It suggests that people in the Caribbean or somewhere else more consistently temperate suddenly realiseContinue reading “UK Hotter then the Caribbean”