What’s the last thing you do on an important email?

The answer is: Add the email address !! If you are writing an important email. One you have spent more than 20 minutes writing and you have the time. Write the damn thing, save it as a draft, and, more than a few hours later, THEN put the email address in and hit send. There isContinue reading “What’s the last thing you do on an important email?”

Slow Horses and stormy weather

It’s a blustery Saturday morning in the sleepy seaside town of Shorehem-by-sea. Barely 5:30am and a pebbles throw away the beach plays it’s part in a stormy scene with large white waves and wild winds. The little home here sits firmly and obstinately still against a tempest of wind and rain. A warm mug ofContinue reading “Slow Horses and stormy weather”

Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow

Life is hard. My mother used to say often, “Nathan, no one promised you a rose garden” Everyone of us experiences difficulties that are hard to overcome. It was Buddha that said “Pain is certain, suffering is optional.” No matter what we’re going through it is better when we take ownership and accountability for making positiveContinue reading “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow”

Putting things away, 2023 TGIM

This weekend was an important weekend in our home, it is the weekend we put the Christmas decorations away and begin to think of returning to work. As much I love putting up the decorations, I have learned to love when it ends. You have to, if you want to achieve anything in life. SoContinue reading “Putting things away, 2023 TGIM”

Fear of nothing, hope for nothing and be happier

I have attended two funerals in the last two weeks and learned a neighbour of ours took their own life which really made me reflect on the fragility of life. So I sat in the little yellow beach hut and wrote a brief thought about fearing what might happen and hoping what might happen inContinue reading “Fear of nothing, hope for nothing and be happier”

Incerto Series; Fooled by randomness

I wanted to share a summary of a series of book written by the greatest living philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He created the Incerto series, which is 5 separately published books. Fooled by randomness, The black swan, the bed of procrustes and Anti Fragile. Anyway firstly I urge you to read fooled by randomness, inContinue reading “Incerto Series; Fooled by randomness”