To every thing there is a season

I was a poor student at school, I did better at college, I excelled at university. Early education and the prescriptive curricula was not for me. College allowed for self expression but I was not in the right head space to enjoy it. At university they expected self expression and I was ready to speak.Continue reading “To every thing there is a season”

The pale blue dot; The only home we have ever known

Thirty years ago, a spacecraft, bound for the edges of the solar system, someone had the genius of turning back the camera and looking towards Earth. Turned back toward Earth it took a picture. The image it captured accompanying this post, came to be known as “Pale Blue Dot.” It was captured on February 14,Continue reading “The pale blue dot; The only home we have ever known”

Problem solving and mental models

I have become interested in mental models. I am always trying to self improve and as much as I love reading, remembering the lessons can be difficult. Learning Mental models is my way of compartmentalising methods and lessons under the banner of mental models. Mental models are like software applications my mind can use forContinue reading “Problem solving and mental models”

A true gift conveys part of the giver

What is the greatest gift you received or the greatest gift you have given to someone? Did it cost much? As we get older we begin to appreciate that the value of a gift should not be measured by its price. The timeliness, the thoughtfulness, is it given out of love and or friendship orContinue reading “A true gift conveys part of the giver”

Mentoring; My Journey

Mentoring has had a profound influence in my life and I think always will play a huge part. Through the position I have attained I continue to pay that forward with how I mentor my children, colleagues and the wider community. My children as adults are both paying it forward in their professions as aContinue reading “Mentoring; My Journey”

A Great partner makes you better

My Grandad Dennis would tell me “Who you marry is the most important decision you’ll ever make so marry well” He married my Nan Elsie so he knows what he was talking about.  I am also very fortunate, I married the most wonderful woman. Melanie is my better half and that can be no doubt.Continue reading “A Great partner makes you better”

Be prepared, but not for the reason you think

Preparation prevents poor performance they say, but let me share with you a seldom shared reason why preparation will make you more happier and successful. If we can prepare better than it will leave us at peace and with energy for the next challenge. I have looked and cannot see this perspective shared anywhere soContinue reading “Be prepared, but not for the reason you think”

A colleagues 10 year cube reflection

I attended a colleagues 10 year cube call last Friday. A very dear friend of ours, Jason Gilet had been at Veeva for a decade. It was lovely to celebrate with him. It made me happy to spend an hour in the company of friends. I started at Veeva when there was hardly any EuropeansContinue reading “A colleagues 10 year cube reflection”

Bad parenting; Hair today, gone tomorrow

Author’s note: I have for the last twenty years or more kept a daily notebook/journal and the things I hear and see I squirrel away for myself, the future or just because I must write something. Now I have kept this daily blog thing up for 150 days I put ‘some’ of the things upContinue reading “Bad parenting; Hair today, gone tomorrow”

Contradictions make us who we are

I hate social media but I love attentionI love being smart but I hate show offsI hate social status but love airport lounges I love driving safely, but hate when others doI hate to be judged, but love literary criticismI love fancy cars but hate ostentation None of the above make any sense on itsContinue reading “Contradictions make us who we are”