Desirable ends with available means

I have been in strategy for nearly three years now and it is the most interesting business area I have worked in. It has tested me more than any other role and still three years on I am learning things daily. ‘STRATEGY’ is however the most misused word I can recall, except maybe the wordContinue reading “Desirable ends with available means”

A rising tide lifts all boats

It seems some days there is not even enough time to manage your own workload without the idea of helping another but that is what I am suggesting you do this week. Reach out to someone and ask them how you can help them, helping can be as little as listening and offering advice. HowContinue reading “A rising tide lifts all boats”

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen

My grandad Dennis use to say to me’ Nathan, God gave you two ears and one tongue so that you may listen twice as much as you talk. I later learned that he was repeating the words of Diogenes, first written in the lives of eminent philosophers. In a way though my grandad was myContinue reading “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen”

Variation in nature; vs modern life’s repetition

I had a week off at the end of the summer. I spent the time at home walking, reading, laughing and relaxing. I spent more time with nature than I had in a long time. Walking and sitting and observing nature. No day was the same that week. I felt great that week. I returnedContinue reading “Variation in nature; vs modern life’s repetition”