Better prepared Zoom meetings

Many of us are on more calls now. Not all calls are as prepared as they can be. The phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” is spot on. We can get a huge advantage if we start off on the right foot.

When a person is prepared, they think more clearly. Instead of investing nervous energy in anticipating the situation. we invest that energy in thinking about how they can achieve meeting objectives. Below are a few ways you can be more prepared. (they are very obvious but how many actually do this?)

  • Find out whom you will be meeting. Memorise the names and titles of those you don’t know well
  • During the meeting, use the person’s name several times in conversation. (Some of the most effective leaders do this all the time, watch out for it)
  • Check through current events by reading the news. One or two major daily newspapers will suffice.
  • Ask yourself, how much time before and a call/meeting do you spend ?
  • Prep notes and lay them out in a notebook/screen before the call
  • Break the Ice with targeted subjects, (LinkedIn contact overlaps, it demonstrates you are prepared)

We are all challenged for time and are busier than ever. Reducing stress and improving yours and your company’s, reputation is a worthwhile investment don’t you think?

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