Got to do, get to do

I had some great questions on my blog this week. Someone asked if posting every day is hard to do or a burden. I considered it for a while and then replied “reflecting on a subject of interest. Writing a thoughtful post that is easy enough to be read and understood in 2 minutes or less. No, it is a fun part of my day I get to do. I am curious why people think this way. I think I understand the question and where it comes from.

It comes from not appreciating what I call ‘got to do, get to do.’ There are things I have got to do in life and I do them as I must, we all have to do these things, its just part of life. However, writing to think, reading beautiful prose, speaking with smart people about ideas every day in my work. These are things I get to do. My hobbies, past times and career are opportunities and blessings and not a burden.

We journey through this life once and so we should do as much of what we love and love as much of what we do. You are at your best when you spend time on the things you get to do. The better you become at those things the less you will find you have got to do.

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reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

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