Chess lessons for life also

I have always loved Chess since I was a child, it is a game which tests strategic thinking. It requires concentration, and an ability to cope with change. Here are 5 life lessons I draw from Chess:

1. You have to move, thinking for too long is bad

To play better you need to play many games making millions of moves. Learn by reading of course BUT you learn more from doing!

2. One good move at a time is what is needed

A game of Chess is not won in a few moves but by a series of good decisions compounded on a sound strategy. In your life be patient, trust in your values and your life and a series of good moves.

3. Learn to recognise opportunity

Opportunity knocks for us all, some more often but it will knock for you, be ready. You will regret missed opportunities so learn to see when a situation is good for you.

4. Regret is for losers, you are a winner

As in my last post Forget the scoreboard don’t dwell on the past or a bad move it is a waste of energy. Forget the scoreboard and play the perfect game now. You must observe, reflect, then learn and if you fall, fall forwards.

5. When the game is over the King and Pawn go back in the same box

From the CEO to the cleaner they all perform an essential role in life. Your time might be shorter or longer in the game of life but the destiny is the same for us all. All that we can do is to be the best we can be. When it is our time meet the end with dignity and no regrets.

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One thought on “Chess lessons for life also

  1. Love your analogies from chess. I myself enjoy the game, though I’m more of a three-minute blitzer myself. I guess you can say I’ve failed millions of times due to the format of the blitz, so I haven’t really developed my deep thinking skills from longer games. But hey, doing it is what matters, am I right? Thanks for this post!

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