Mentoring can be magic

Mentorship works, Socrates mentored young Plato, who in turn mentored Aristotle. Aristotle mentored a youth called Alexander, who ‘over achieved’ that young man went on to conquer the known world as Alexander the Great.

I heard about this great example:

Great Ormand Street Hospital (GOSH) Doctors and nurses needed to model moves of master handoverers, (is that word? well I am using it anyway) and in the world of ‘handing things over’ nobody beats a Formula 1 pit crew, have you seen them? It is beautiful to watch.

Ferrari’s process for tyre replacement doesn’t match exactly to unhooking and rehooking ventilators, but it has ‘Adjacent possible’ similarities (Experienced professionals dedicated to teamwork in tight spaces). And the Ferrari team was delighted to coach the doctors. That solved the short-term problem.

Long-term success of the hospital was accelerated by the deep relationship. Over the next several years, the Formula 1 made GOSH its official charity, raising more than £ 3 million for the children and hosting events where sick kids and their parents could hang out with the racing stars and for a moment forget their pain.

The racers became invested in the success of Great Ormond Street as a whole. Mentorship has short term and long-term benefits.

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