2021: Just Ship It

New year resolutions are always so tedious, so self quickly and indulgently shared with the world on some platform or other, or in a facile conversation. If ‘The definition of insanity is repeating the same tasks over and over again expecting different results’ a new years resolution must be insanity on steroids.

I don’t mean to be judgemental, it’s just that there is so much evidence that a new years resolution is rarely kept and it is a terrible time to set standards to keep for numerous reasons. However society constantly throws out these expectations. If you are going to keep up this pretence or you are genuinely set about writing a new years resolution can I ask one thing?. Please can you stop using the unqualified ‘This year, I will’ and show you have learned something from 2020. Use qualified statements such as ‘ I hope to, or more precisely use, ‘ barring unforeseen circumstances’.

This year I am swapping the resolution out for one phrase, ‘Ship it” a simple phrase I learned from authors @seth Godin and @Austin Kleon. It’s been said the term has roots in a Steve Jobs quote, “real artists ship”, and the term is used heavily in Seth’s book Linchpin.

Put simply it means to publish and put something in the world.

The importance of shipping stems from the experience creatives have as they approach a deadline, and the growing fear you feel as a project nears completion. Don’t delay, don’t hold off for perfect. Definitely don’t over think things. ‘Ship it‘, then do it all over again.

Being creative put simply is a concerted effort to narrow possibilities and make important decisions. most people just imagine or delay an idea. Not for 130 days so far, and into 2021 ‘Barring unforeseen circumstances’ 😉 I will continue ship it

One day at a time. It sounds simple, it actually is simple but it is isn’t easy. It requires incredible Support and fastidious structuring

Russell Brand

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