Monday morning Green lights

I received this book as a gift from my good friend Alan Slavik just after Christmas. I had appeared on his podcast last year and we have struck up a friendship which I very much appreciate. I am hopeful that we all hit more green lights in 2021. See this Monday morning a few lessons I have taken from this wonderful book:

  • Writing is an Investment in Yourself. So if you Journal, write in a notebook, or you care about Presentations at work. Writing helps you think and that has to be a good thing.
  • Your Parents did the best they Could. You started where you are because of your parents, where you end is up to you! captain your own ship.
  • Challenge Yourself and Take Calculated Risks. This new year 2021, take more risks and push yourself in your work and personal life.
  • You Can Live a Big Life Without a Big House Full of Stuff. Buying more stuff leads to happiness? Of course not, your family need your presence NOT your presents!
  • Don’t do Things by Halves. Half-ass commitment is no commitment, go all in!
  • Everything is Relative. Learn to know the difference between what you can and can’t control. Avoid worry about things that you can’t control.

I would highly recommend this book. If you prefer audiobooks then you are in luck as this book is just as good or better with the author reading to you in his southern drawl.

Persist, pivot, or concede. It’s up to us, our choice every time

Matthew McConaughey

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reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

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