When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen

My grandad Dennis use to say to me’ Nathan, God gave you two ears and one tongue so that you may listen twice as much as you talk. I later learned that he was repeating the words of Diogenes, first written in the lives of eminent philosophers.

In a way though my grandad was my eminent philosopher all my young life. I moved out the family home at 15 and so went to live with him til his death three years later a few weeks before my 18th Birthday. I miss him almost every day, I miss our long talks while he watched cricket and he would drink whiskey, he drank a lot of Whiskey which is what killed him in the end.

It was Hesiod the poet that said “the best treasure is a sparing tongue” and so with my grandad a former GM of a med device company I would listen and listen and listen. I later learned when I got married that the secret to a great marriage is knowing when to just listen and not to offer advice, just to be there.

The universe is talking to us all the time but most often we are too busy talking to listen. Today why dont you consciously try and listen more and talk less. See how it goes, will you hear the message of the universe or will you go back to drowning it out with your own noise?

Published by NCS

reader of great literature, teller of tales, photographer of mostly awful snaps but on occasion I am half decent.

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