Are you a thermometer or a thermostat leader

I was sitting in the living room earlier this year watching reviews of ‘Home Tech’ and it described the evolution of governing the home temperature as technology progressed. I really think there are parallels of how a modern house is now environmentally managed and how we need to manage our organisations.

A thermometer; reflects the temperature of the environment. It reacts to what’s happening around it. If the temperature is hot, it tells you so. If it’s cold, the thermometer reflects that reality as well. It’s a simplistic instrument in that it doesn’t contain any intelligence.

A thermostat; regulates the environment. It sets the desired temperature of the room and works to maintain it within a given range. If the temperature rises above the limit, the thermostat signals the air conditioner to crank up and cool the room down. If the temperature falls below the limit, the thermostat causes the heater to turn on and warm the room up.

Leaders must be intelligent and senstive to the environment. They set the tone and expectation levels of an organization. Then they must monitor the environment. Decisive corrections must be made. Be honest which one are you today? And tomorrow?

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