Fish and chips by the sea while reading books about the sea

Some weekends the pleasure of being alive is just within reach and the warmness of the moment is understandable also. It’s a gift to be alive. And each moment, each breathe we take is literally the chance of a lifetime.

Ask for help today

Are you thinking you need help but worried that asking for help looks weak. You are right to question yourself, no one appreciates someone asking a question if you could have answered it yourself with some effort. But, I am talking about the sort of help you need, that you cant solve on your ownContinue reading “Ask for help today”

Talent is overrated!

I have been meaning to share this for a while. I have been talking with my teams about their careers and direction and how talented the people are in my company. I find the word talent far too simplistic and if anything an excuse to differentiate people. Here are my 10 things you can allContinue reading “Talent is overrated!”

A stumble may prevent a fall

“A stumble may prevent a fall” its a wonderful aphorism I perhaps overuse but it speaks to the enduring human spirit of tenacity, of trying and failing and then getting up and trying again. It speaks to perhaps the mistake or problem you just faced and how it may make you wiser more stronger forContinue reading “A stumble may prevent a fall”