Your attitude determines your altitude

Have you ever heard the word ‘morale’ used when things are going well? No, me neither you only hear of morale when performance and results are slipping downwards. Think about your team, if you are an individual contributor then think about a team you were on once. If every member of that team had aContinue reading “Your attitude determines your altitude”

Day one or one day, you decide

I have posted in my blog at 120 days in a row. I wanted to write regularly for years but just kept saying one day I will start. When you start things that are totally new for you there is a tendency to to feel like you cannot be effective without the full informationContinue reading “Day one or one day, you decide”

No one ever got dumber sharing an idea

I have noticed a selfishness of late, a reluctance to spend time talking about ideas. That is a shame, that is my lifeblood, it’s my passion, I can’t exist without discussion and discourse on ideas. Is it the lack of time, too busy, or you see your ideas as special sauce? I hope that isContinue reading “No one ever got dumber sharing an idea”

The dash in between is how you are remembered

I copied this down from a documentary I watched 12 years ago. I found it in an old notebook last night. It’s is inspiring and haunting at the same time. Enjoy! When you die, there’s going to be a tombstone. It’s going to have your name, it’s going to have the year you were born,Continue reading “The dash in between is how you are remembered”

7 invisible barriers to success

I have had a good run of mentoring new Veeva employees this year and a theme started to form from their challenges. When we got onto the subject of what is holding them back from doing what they want to do, or making progress in their projects/accounts. A surprisingly regular list of what I callContinue reading “7 invisible barriers to success”

Today’s inconvenience is tomorrow’s nostalgia

Do you ever feel like life is too fast, that it is full of inconveniences? Maybe you find the amount of e-mail a stress, or you are on too many Zoom meetings, perhaps having to queue in shops for groceries takes forever, or driving home in traffic is annoying? Whatever the inconvenience you can beContinue reading “Today’s inconvenience is tomorrow’s nostalgia”

Autumn walks in Winchester

I had an opportunity before the lockdown started to wander amongst the Veeva Orange-tipped trees and view the autumn mist from rolling hills where John Keats was inspired to write Ode to Autumn. My daughter Natalie is studying at Winchester University, and we used to go see her before Covid we were able to exploreContinue reading “Autumn walks in Winchester”

Our Bookish Family Christmas tradition

Many years ago I started a Family tradition, which I learned about from an Icelandic friend. You see Icelandic people celebrate Christmas each year with a book exchange. This tradition is known as Jolabokaflod, which translates roughly to Christmas book flood. Jolabokaflod started during World War II, when paper was one of the few things not rationed inContinue reading “Our Bookish Family Christmas tradition”