2021: Just Ship It

New year resolutions are always so tedious, so self quickly and indulgently shared with the world on some platform or other, or in a facile conversation. If ‘The definition of insanity is repeating the same tasks over and over again expecting different results’ a new years resolution must be insanity on steroids. I don’t meanContinue reading “2021: Just Ship It”

You are now in ‘Chrimbo Limbo‘

Some of my American readers are wondering what on earth ‘the chrimbo limbo’ is, allow me to explain. The ‘chrimbo limbo’ is the period of time between Christmas and New Year when days seem to merge into each other, nobody really knows what to do and everything just gets a bit weird. “Seriously, What DayContinue reading “You are now in ‘Chrimbo Limbo‘”

End of year musings: Do what you can’t

Firstly you need to aim beyond what your capable of. You must develop a complete disregard for where your abilities end. Try to do the things that your incapable of. If you think you are unable to work for the best then try that. If you think you’re incapable of running a company make thatContinue reading “End of year musings: Do what you can’t”

2019, 2020, realising what really matters – Merry Xmas

I hope you will forgive a reflective post today. 2019 was a year I lost my mother to an 18 month fight with cancer. Since that day I have been reflecting on life and what is important. I was reaching a conclusion then 2020 arrived and I am now certain on what really matters toContinue reading “2019, 2020, realising what really matters – Merry Xmas”

Your attitude determines your altitude

Have you ever heard the word ‘morale’ used when things are going well? No, me neither you only hear of morale when performance and results are slipping downwards. Think about your team, if you are an individual contributor then think about a team you were on once. If every member of that team had aContinue reading “Your attitude determines your altitude”

Day one or one day, you decide

I have posted in my blog at Seastheday.blog 120 days in a row. I wanted to write regularly for years but just kept saying one day I will start. When you start things that are totally new for you there is a tendency to to feel like you cannot be effective without the full informationContinue reading “Day one or one day, you decide”

No one ever got dumber sharing an idea

I have noticed a selfishness of late, a reluctance to spend time talking about ideas. That is a shame, that is my lifeblood, it’s my passion, I can’t exist without discussion and discourse on ideas. Is it the lack of time, too busy, or you see your ideas as special sauce? I hope that isContinue reading “No one ever got dumber sharing an idea”